Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are You a "Broken Record?"

How NOT to be a Broken Record - Teachers and parents often find themselves repeating instructions over and over again. If you are delivering an instruction and you are unsure whether your student knows how to respond, prompt (or help) your student to respond appropriately. If your student has demonstrated an understanding of your instruction in the past and is simply not complying, a good rule of thumb to remember is the Two-Chances Rule*:
1. Establish attending and state your instruction a first time. Allow a moment for your student to respond (because some children require a processing period. As you get to know your students, you will learn each student's response period).
2. If your student does not respond correctly, restate your instruction. Although your student may have appeared to be attending, it is possible your student was distracted by something not obvious to you, such as the distant sound of a siren or the air conditioner.
3. If your student still does not respond, prompt him to respond appropriately.
By consistently allowing only two chances to respond before prompting, your student will learn to comply with your instruction rather than practicing not responding as you repeat yourself. *A tip I recommend to all parents as well!

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