Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Sometimes I hear professionals misinform parents about what ABA consists of by telling them it is "basically Discrete Trial Teaching." ABA does not equal DTT. While DTT is based on the principles of ABA, this does not mean that that the only teaching method utilized in ABA programs is DTT. Unfortunately there are a lot of service providers and agencies out there that design their programs completely around table-time type DTT. A more solid program consists of other tools based on the principles of ABA such as Play Therapy and Natural Environment Teaching. Also, although classic programs from years ago used a variety of aversives, it is not common practice today. Unless your child exhibits serious behaviors and all other options have been exhausted, aversives are not necessary. Real ABA programs do not utilize screaming techniques or restraints. Be weary of anyone who promotes such tools and definitely seek a second opinion before moving forward.

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