Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Missing "The Window"

Parents often ask me, "Have I missed 'the window?' Is it too late for my child to benefit from one-on-one educational services?" I respond with a resounding, "NO!"
While the research up to this point has shown the most success in the shortest amount of time has occurred with the younger population, this does not mean older children on the Spectrum are incapable of learning. It simply means it may take a bit longer to acquire such skills at a later age. Consider the theory of the Language Acquisition Device. The LAD is considered a "window"in which the language of children explodes at a high rate. If you immerse a young child within another country, he can more easily learn the native language than you would if you began studying it now. Educating an older child on the Spectrum is very similar. He will still learn, but it just may take a bit longer than if he had started at a much younger age. It is never too late, but the earlier the better. So get started now!

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