Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PECS -A Helpful Hint

If your child is not benefiting from PECS training, there are two things to consider. Make sure the person training your child has been professionally trained in PECS (NOT "self-trained" from the manual or a book) . -It is scary, but I have come across many professionals who teach children the PECS incorrectly. If your consultant is following the PECS protocol and your child is still not picking up on the process, the second thing to consider is whether your child is really understanding the icons he is using. I personally prefer photos with most of my kiddos over the cartoon-ish depictions of many computer programs out there. Remember! Our unique kiddos are concrete thinkers! Realistic depictions will probably have more meaning to them. You can always work toward the vague cartoon representations once your child masters the process.

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